To proclaim the Word of God and to render services to all God’s children.

Our plan to achieve this goal is centered on broadening our worldview to reach the lost for Christ. We are committed to communicating the good news of Jesus Christ to people of all cultures, serving our local community, and extending our ministry to meet the needs of a changing world.

We facilitate events to reach people of diverse nationalities and cultures. We:


  • Host bilingual services – Partnered with other churches to present services in French, Creole and Spanish.
  • Present forum for missionaries active in the field – Learned more about doing missions abroad from an American missionary to China.
  • Partner with other missionary organizations – Worked with the Adonai Seafarers Fellowship. This gave us the opportunity to minister to Russians, Croatians,Philippians, Germans and Greeks onboard cargo ships.
  • Recognize various cultures – Hosted a service on St. Kitts & Nevis. Attendees learned about the history, customs and food.
  • Celebrate world missions – Held a Missions Day celebration with a presentation from Dr. Jorge L. Girón, Church of God World Missions Field Representative.